Moodboard – Kunlun 01


She was always cold and had to rely on Heartwarming pills from young. Her reliance on them only grew as she enrolled in Kunlun, because the Ruins was covered in snow all year round. The only fires that survived the cold were the ones triple-enchanted by the professors.

She found solace in the academy’s greenhouse, where temperature was regulated so that the various plants lived in optimum condition. While she held on to the ice cold passion on ancient texts as inherited from her parents, she also started kindling a fierce love for botany. Not that she needed the extra favour from the botany professor to stay for bonus credit.

Cold was a constant for her, at least until he hit her, quite literally, while speeding on his bicycle. He had a habit of tinkering with human trinkets, which caused the bicycle to be overly enthusiastic. Often getting into accidents, it was no wonder that apologies were his most uttered phrases. Not that she would know that, or the fact that he attended Merlin’s.

They met again at the Trials. It was an unpleasant reunion because another accident had him smashing her pill bottle, which cost her sleepless hours. Fuming, she refused him entry into the greenhouse for his research for a Trial task. After apologising to the closed door for quite a while, he ceased.

As she worked away on the new pills that night in the Alchemy classroom, she noticed the room was not as insufferably cold as it used to be, though she put little thought into why that might be. What she did noticed was a new bottle of pills the next morning, that was not what she concocted, placed on the doorstep of the greenhouse. Each time she popped the bottle cork, it squeaked an apology. She smiled.

When ice melts, it becomes water. When there’s water and sunshine, a rainbow might just appear. Not by miracle, just by chance, and sometimes – effort.

First Draft, 28.12.2018, dedicated to e.

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