NEVERNIGHT – The Nevernight Chronicle #1


BOOK: Nevernight, by Jay Kristoff,
#1 in The Nevernight Chronicle trilogy



Again, proof that pre-launch hype does help in sales, because I actually bought a signed first edition and forgot about it. Never underestimate the power of excitement. I mean, I would know, considering I was excited over a TV show before it was released for almost two years. (Yes, I was that excited over Tribes and Empires.)

Anyway, great concept but not what I had expected. Mia had too much feelings, I thought I was being sold a book with a hard protagonist that’s going to cover everything in blood. I loved her backstory, loved her journey, but the parts where she kept getting swept away by Ashlinn, Jessamine, and bloody Tric. I suppose I could explain it that she was just a newly inducted Acolyte. Still… am I expecting too much? Maybe!

The problem with trilogies is that from book one, so many secrets are withheld. No, sell me a book one that doesn’t drive me to read book two with secrets. Sell me a book one that drives me to want book two because the journey and growth is just that wonderful. Mia never got around to knowing why she is a Darkin, because guess what, the attractive bait that is Cassius died and somehow Eclipse just follows her. Very convenient.

Schooling with Mia proved to be a fun read. Lessons with the Ministry and anyone else think the Mother to be rather fishy? Her character just reads funny to me, occasionally kind of out-of-character, considering her to be the one to be feared. Hush is an intriguing character, the one that I don’t particularly dislike despite him being a villain of sorts. Or maybe he doesn’t speak, that’s why.

Also, I find it particularly hilarious Darkin are sensitive to the Trinity or truly blessed items. Very vampire-ish.

Oh, and I ignored about 80% of the footnotes because a) annoying AF, b) interferes with my stream of reading thoughts, so if there’s anything important in those things, I know not. Also have not much intention to go back to it.

Overall, it was still an okay read, because Kristoff’s writing has a handle over me, which is he doesn’t believe in happy endings. And I love tragic endings. Don’t judge, because everyone dies some day.

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