Hello 2020 (Without 20/20 Vision)

I remembered ending 2018 in a weird high-low and unsurprisingly, 2019 was a flat-liner for me. Nothing great, nothing terrible, just really mediocre. Though it did ended with a mild increase in good vibes.

I stopped having lists and goals a few years ago because of reasons where my personal life was swallowed up by other aspects and I didn’t prioritise myself at all. Thinking back, that’s one of the many reasons why I was kind of but not really miserable? Everything in mediocrity has been my past few years, jeebus.

Let me set some goals for 2020. I want to make the year less mediocre, more memorable.


  • Perfect my chocolate truffle recipe
    • Gift my friends / family to sample & review
  • Become more skilled at reading and typing Korean
  • Update art account twice a month


  • Get new glasses
  • Get a proper job
  • Cut down on food delivery usage
    • Cook my own meals more often
  • Get a jagua tattoo to kill that itch of want (lmao)


  • Complete the short stories I did not finish for Ayunga’s 2019 birthday (lol don’t judge me)
  • Complete Ayunga archive (personal project)


  • Change up twitter DP & header every or every other month
  • Work on Binge TCG project
  • Work to get a Switch!

I’ll leave these here for accountability. I would add travels but I’m kind of unstable right now. Though I do have a short visit to Beijing planned with my two good buddies of over a decade and a half. 🙂 I’m still looking forward to visiting Aussie for a skydive and comforting Taipei for countdown to 2021! Thinking way ahead of myself, but I have a lot of hopes that I don’t want to dash them with my own hands.

Good thoughts, good vibes, lots of praying (the non-religious kind), and overall, good luck. We all need it since Earth is going to hell. (Yep, if you thought I was going to end a post without being a tiny bit cynical…)


The Jolly Start of an Adventure: My Korean Learning Journey pt. 01

Hello friends, this is a rare entry of an insight to the going-ons of my personal life. Or not really, since it’s still about languages. Heh.

On Christmas day, something came over me so I decided to start learning Korean on my own with resources available online, on apps, and the library. Basically, I want to learn something new with zero cost because I am a little broke AF at the moment.

Also, there are a lot of sayings that you can learn Korean in 90 days, and that the Hangul is the easiest alphabet to learn. So here I am. Also, I’m partially inspired by Ollie (of Jolly and Korean Englishman YouTube fame) to get my learning on.

It’s now boxing day, I have had probably a combined total of 2 to 3 hours of learning. This is my progress:

  • Writing down all 19 consonants
  • Remembering how to read all 19 consonants
  • Writing down 80% of the 21 vowels
  • Remember how to read 50% of the 21 vowels

Apps used:

  • Duolingo
  • Eggbun
  • Scripts
  • Drops (random vocab to make the process less of a straightline)
  • Hangul

And we’ll see how it goes at my next check-in. Ciao.