[Translation] RealMoi Feature: Ayunga – He Is Light Itself

An Ayunga Feature in RealMoi Magazine.

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There are ten shares of light in the world, eight shares are from the gods’ love for humankind.

What about him?

He is light itself.

He who chases the light, is the source himself.

He is someone whose blood flows with musical notes, controlling melodies is something that cannot be anymore familiar to him. As his body moves with rhythmn, along with his beautiful voice, music comes as easy as though it is plucked from the air. Born with talent — there is no doubt he is favoured by the gods.

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[Translation] Esquire Feature – Ayunga: Becoming Famous at 30 is Just Right

An interview with Ayunga, by Esquire

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ESQ: How did you come to Beijing from the grasslands?

AYG: During my teens, I worked for the Inner Mongolia military cultural corp. It was the best job and the pay was ample; it was overly comfortable. However, when you see the veterans of the corp, you feel that a lifetime goes by rather quickly. I didn’t want to be resigned to stay in this small yard forever, so against my family’s wishes, I came to Beijing.

ESQ: You don’t like living too comfortably?

AYG: Yes. At the time, I felt I had infinite possibilities, I need to find something unsatisfying for myself, (I need) to find a new way of living. When countless futures surround us, then life can keep bursting with delight, right?

ESQ: What kind of life did you wanted to lead in Beijing then?

AYG: I didn’t know. I came when everything was an unknown, that’s called chasing dream. I don’t know what that dream is. I’m afraid that when I wake up, everything may be ruin, or it may be a castle.

ESQ: Did you find ruin or castle, when you arrive?

AYG: After I came to Beijing, it was definitely ruin. Reality was beating me up. I was quite disappointed and I also felt that I was too rash. But I wanted face. Since I stubbornly gave everything up for this, then even if I have to do it crying, kneeling, or crawling, I must complete this journey. As I walked on, I could vaguely see the castle behind these ruins.

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[Translation] Weibo Theatre Interview – Ayunga

This article is part of a series that the official Theatre Weibo account did in collaboration with the Super Topics community. It provides a chance for weibo users (fans) to post questions to selected Super Vocal members and they will pick a lucky few to answer. These are Ayunga’s answers.

Original article – Link
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#StoryInATweet – Translations 01

These are translations of my Chinese #StoryInATweet, because they won’t fit in a tweet if translated. (Heh.)

The Free Cafe
In this world, there exists a cafe where there’s no menu and no specific location. However, anyone who has ever heard an inkling of it wishes to visit. The cafe has only one barista. He will listen to any of your problems before making you a long black, the charges are as you please. The amount of people who visits the cafe fluctuates, but there will always only be one customer at each unique location who gets a cup of Freeing Latte. If you choose to drink, the problems you have told the barista will be mysteriously resolved. You only get one cup in one lifetime, if you drink more than one… well, to this day, nobody has spoken of the consequence. 

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NEVERNIGHT – The Nevernight Chronicle #1


BOOK: Nevernight, by Jay Kristoff,
#1 in The Nevernight Chronicle trilogy



Again, proof that pre-launch hype does help in sales, because I actually bought a signed first edition and forgot about it. Never underestimate the power of excitement. I mean, I would know, considering I was excited over a TV show before it was released for almost two years. (Yes, I was that excited over Tribes and Empires.)

Anyway, great concept but not what I had expected. Mia had too much feelings, I thought I was being sold a book with a hard protagonist that’s going to cover everything in blood. I loved her backstory, loved her journey, but the parts where she kept getting swept away by Ashlinn, Jessamine, and bloody Tric. I suppose I could explain it that she was just a newly inducted Acolyte. Still… am I expecting too much? Maybe!

The problem with trilogies is that from book one, so many secrets are withheld. No, sell me a book one that doesn’t drive me to read book two with secrets. Sell me a book one that drives me to want book two because the journey and growth is just that wonderful. Mia never got around to knowing why she is a Darkin, because guess what, the attractive bait that is Cassius died and somehow Eclipse just follows her. Very convenient.

Schooling with Mia proved to be a fun read. Lessons with the Ministry and anyone else think the Mother to be rather fishy? Her character just reads funny to me, occasionally kind of out-of-character, considering her to be the one to be feared. Hush is an intriguing character, the one that I don’t particularly dislike despite him being a villain of sorts. Or maybe he doesn’t speak, that’s why.

Also, I find it particularly hilarious Darkin are sensitive to the Trinity or truly blessed items. Very vampire-ish.

Oh, and I ignored about 80% of the footnotes because a) annoying AF, b) interferes with my stream of reading thoughts, so if there’s anything important in those things, I know not. Also have not much intention to go back to it.

Overall, it was still an okay read, because Kristoff’s writing has a handle over me, which is he doesn’t believe in happy endings. And I love tragic endings. Don’t judge, because everyone dies some day.